Complete Customer Care

Friendly Scheduling

All Big Ben clients are entered into our proprietary scheduling software which automatically alerts us when your exhaust system needs to be inspected in the future.

Code Compliance

Our work complies with Australian Standard 1851 AS 2012, your insurance, councils, fire inspectors, health departments and all federal state and local laws.

Trained and Certified Professionals

Our professionals complete an intensive training course, including hands-on training with our senior technicians.

Many people assume that Big Ben only cleans exhaust systems in restaurants; did you know that Big Ben caters to many different facilities that have commercial kitchens? The opportunities are endless.


Big Ben cleans all food establishments, from five-star restaurants to casual, sit-down, independent and corporately owned restaurants.


Big Ben has the availability and manpower to handle an individual school, school districts, universities and daycare facilities.


Big Ben can take on large scale and difficult cleans and we have the experience to get them done in a timely fashion.


Big Ben has experience in cleaning every type of healthcare facility from nursing homes to hospitals. You can trust that your patients will be safe when you use Big Ben.

Gastro Cleans

Have a gastro outbreak in your aged care facility? Big Ben will come and provide a complete disinfecting gastro clean to stop the virus from spreading.

Benefits of Commercial Kitchen Cleaning:

Big Ben Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Technicians will remove all baked on grease, oils, fats and grime that are commonly found on ovens, stove-tops, canopies, range hoods, and splash-backs. Anything and everything in your kitchen.

  • Improve the appearance of your commercial kitchen by restoring it to look bright, clean and fresh again
  • Kitchen equipment cleaned and sanitized
  • Equipment lifespan extended
  • Increased hygiene level in the kitchen
  • Comply with Council, State and WH&S requirements