Cool Room Cleaning-Swab Testing

Big Ben Services can test your cool rooms , fridges and any food preparation surfaces for potential bacteria and contamination. We use EnSURE technology which is the latest in quality management. Our machine allows us to test for possible contamination with on the spot results.

Big Ben will issue a before and after Swab report on any surfaces we clean. This enables our clients to be assured that their equipment is free of bacteria as well as showing if there are any possible issues with daily cleaning by their staff. A high level of bacteria found in a swab test before cleaning will show that the area is not being cleaned on a regular basis.

With this technology our clients don’t just know that we have cleaned their kitchen properly, we can show them the data that proves it.

Big Ben Services provides a complete cleaning and hygiene service for your cool rooms. The complete service includes the cleaning of the walls, ceiling, floors and evaporative cooling units. A barrier solution is then applied to inhibit mould growth which is common in the moist environment of a restaurant’s cool room.

Cool Room Evaporative Fan units

Big Ben Services will conduct a complete clean and sanitising of the evaporative unit. This includes a cleaning of the fan grills, fans, exchange coils and inside and outside of the condenser box.


A complete Big Ben service includes:
  • Clean interior and exterior of FDC unit.
  • Remove fan from housing, clean both sides of fan blades and safety grill.
  • Clean and flush heat transfer coils with Viper Coil cleaner.
  • Clean internal and external surfaces of fan unit.
  • Remove and clean condensation drip tray.
  • Clean mould and bacteria on surfaces of walls and ceiling immediately around fan unit in the cool room.
  • Treat all cleaned areas with anti mould solution to combat condensation, bacteria and mould growth.