iFoam Technology


Introducing the latest technology from Europe and the first machine of its kind in Australia.

Previously, no kitchen exhaust system has been able to be cleaned throughout the entire length and breadth of its ductwork.

Our machine has a 25 metre robotic brush that can get into areas that have never been reached before. We use a patented biodegradeable foaming product that cleans dirt and grease from all sides of the ducting system, as well as the exhaust fan and canopy.

The robotic arm has a video camera attached to the end so we can do an initial exploratory survey of your duct system as well as providing before and after video reports on the cleaning of your kitchen exhaust system.

Our iFoam technology also thoroughly cleans all greasy kitchen equipment, cool rooms, floors, walls and just about anything else in your commercial kitchen.

Equipment and kitchen surfaces cleaning
The foam also works on grimy kitchen equipment and benches and shelves and other surfaces, making your kitchen come up looking as new.

Laundry Chutes
Hospitals, aged care facilities, hotels. Laundry chutes are a vital part of the laundry logistics in any large building. However, they can get infected with all sorts of germs and bacteria from having dirty linen and towels thrown down them day after day. With our automated duct cleaning system, Big Ben will be able to feed the brush down the duct and therefore clean and sanitise the entire length of the laundry chute, ensuring a bacteria free space.

Laundry Dryer Ducting
The cleaning of the laundry ducts falls under your preventative essential services. Lint build up in dryer ducting is a potential fire hazard, especially with commercial grade dryers. Big Ben can use a fibre brush that is connected to our machine and run the whole length of dryer ducting, cleaning all the lint and dust from the duct. From the back of the dryer straight to the roof vents, we can significantly reduce your fire risk.

Refuse Areas
As with laundry chutes, refuse chutes are an area that has probably never been cleaned due to access issues. Big Ben will use the same technology to send our sanitising brush down through the refuse chute and get rid of all dirt, debris and potential bacteria.